The Next Big Thing: Does Your Content Have the X Factor?

X-FactorWith the kickoff of Season 3 of this popular reality TV show, X Factor fans are already excited about finding the “next big thing” in pop music. But what about the next big thing in content marketing? Let’s take a closer look at what content marketing can learn from the X Factor.

What’s the X Factor?

Well, beyond just being the name of the show, the X factor is that “special something” that a really talented performer has. Maybe it’s charisma, a certain edge to his or her voice, or something unnamable that nobody else seems to have. Whatever the X factor is for each individual performance, it’s the only thing that will wow the show’s judges – among them, pop music guru Simon Cowell – and, eventually, the audience.

Listening to the Audience

As I write this post, X Factor auditions are in full swing, but that’s not the most important part of the show. Once the contestants have been established, live shows will begin, with hopefuls from all walks of life singing their hearts out on televisions across the country. Once this phase of the competition is underway, the show turns not to the four big-name judges to make final decisions, but to the audience.

What It Takes to Please a Crowd

That’s right. The people who ultimately decide who the next big pop star is going to be are X Factor viewers. So what does this mean for the performers? Well, it means a couple of things.

First, X Factor contestants need to make sure that they’re pleasing the crowd with songs that are familiar to the audience. That’s why these performances are all covers of famous songs. But there’s a second component to making sure that the audience keeps up with your content: originality. Crowd-pleasing songs are uninteresting if the performer does not put his or her own spin on the music. It’s also about crowdsourcing content: knowing what the audience is voting on will always influence what performers change about their X Factor strategy.

The X Factor Formula

That’s what it all comes down to: a perfect pop star blend of originality, crowd-pleasers, and, of course, raw talent. When it comes to web writing, it’s important to make sure that your content is fresh, readily updated, and always keeps the audience in mind. Make sure you’ve got great writing to wow your audience to the fullest. And don’t forget the importance of originality!

What “special something” does your brand have that no other brand does?

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