5 Marketing Lessons from YouTube’s Music Awards Disaster

Youtube Music AwardsOn Sunday, November 3rd, YouTube tried to make history alongside MTV and the Grammy’s by hosting its inaugural music awards show online. The video sharing site certainly made history, but not necessarily in the way it wanted. Its first attempt at an online live stream of an awards show was described as “awkward” at best and reflects the growing chaos in today’s marketing industry.

While this was an awesome idea on paper, it quickly became apparent that some ideas are better left on paper. Here’s what marketers can learn from YouTube’s Music Awards:

  1. Spontaneity has its limits. Brands want to be unpredictable, but this can result in a discombobulated marketing strategy. The most innovative and surprising campaigns are often planned months in advance. While crazy, chaotic ads deliver strange surprises, frenzied strategies are rarely a recipe for success.

  1. Learn your lessons. Despite an awkward inaugural event, YouTube plans to turn its Music Awards ceremony into an annual tradition. This means that the video marketing giant has an entire year to learn from this year’s mistakes and grow on their success. Similarly, consistently examining stats from your marketing campaigns and adjusting as necessary is critical for optimal performance.

  1. Have a must-see moment. Perhaps the biggest problem with the YouTube Music Awards was that it was bland. There was no must-see or must-tweet about moment. The more your brand can capitalize on these big moments, the easier it will be for a marketing campaign to gain traction.

  1. Integration matters. The promotion behind the awards ceremony focused heavily on marketing integration. By pushing the event online, on television, radio, and every platform imaginable, YouTube was able to find a massive audience for this inaugural event. Similarly, brands that integrate their strategies see a higher ROI and run more efficient, effective campaigns.

  1. Consumer experience matters. Though the YouTube Music Awards were considered a “failure,” they reveal one important trend: consumer engagement matters. The purpose of the awards was to give power to the fans and engage them more than ever before.

Has your brand ever had an “awkward” marketing experience? If so, we’d love to hear your story and how your marketing strategy grew from it!

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