YouTube Reaches 1 Billion Monthly Active Users

YouTube Gangnam Style viralYouTube has been one of the most successful media sites the internet has ever seen. It has become a site that many on the internet use daily for news, entertainment, and more. Businesses and agencies have been using YouTube for years to generate awareness, run branding campaigns, and to reach out to customers through ads, informational videos, and more. YouTube reached a milestone: it now has 1 billion monthly active users.

YouTube’s Popularity Impressive

As Stan Schroeder writes for Mashable today, “YouTube has just hit one billion monthly unique users.” That’s a serious milestone, one which Facebook only reached in October of last year. Over on the YouTube Blog, the staff has taken the time to put some of these numbers into perspective.

They remind us that “nearly one out of every two people on the internet visits YouTube.” You can’t say the same for most social media sites on the web. If you’re thinking in terms of advertising and outreach, YouTube tells us that their viewership “is the equivalent of roughly ten Super Bowl audiences” every month. They even point out the fact that this population, if YouTube were a country, would make it the third largest country in the world!

Pay More Attention to YouTube

If the viral Gangnam Style video didn’t make you realize that YouTube might be something your business or agency needs to pay attention to, I’m not sure what will. That video, as Reuters reports, “contributed to an explosion in viewership on YouTube.” Added to YouTube’s increasing and seemingly unstoppable popularity, Google is looking to improve YouTube’s revenue generation, as it currently contributes relatively little to Google’s coffers.

There are rumors that later this year paid subscriptions may be coming to YouTube. Citing AdAge, Reuters reports that “YouTube has reached out to several video producers, asking them to submit applications to create for-pay “channels.”” This is an interesting move, but likely more for those users who have large followings and less for businesses looking to advertise and brand their products.

Viral Successes on YouTube

While it’s near impossible to purposely create a successful viral video, the chance to do so is worth the effort. YouTube might be the missing piece of your online marketing puzzle. Not having a presence on YouTube is most certainly a mistake for businesses whose service or product lends itself to visual mediums. It might seem like there’s nothing your business could contribute, but making videos is all about being creative with your content. How do you want to connect with customers? Do you want to demonstrate products, or do you want to connect in a different way?

Some of the biggest (and smallest) companies are using YouTube extremely well. For example, PepsiCo’s psychotic goat has hit over 13 million views and their Jeff Gordon test drive video (fake, but still viral) has over 28 million views. There are plenty of other examples. One of the most recent and creative ads which Mashable has reported on this morning comes from American Eagle, who are seemingly making fun of themselves, skinny jeans, and possibly their fans. It’s hilarious and it demonstrates the potential YouTube has for any business if they are willing to get creative.

How much more growth is possible on YouTube? Does your business or agency have a YouTube presence? If not, why? 


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